General Terms and Conditions for regulation  of the acquisition and use of “VAFFA Token


Art. 1. Premises. Interpretation.

These General Conditions govern the relations between ATS Ambassador Trading System (“Company” or “ATS”) – Nova North, 11 Bressenden Place, London, SW1E 5BY, United Kingdom – and any person, Client, who has correctly completed the application procedure and registration for the acquisition of VAFFA Token (hereinafter also only “VAFFA” or “token”) and any product and service connected to it at the ATS Ambassador Trading System through the website / or with any other method designated by the Company and carried out in the manner indicated below.

The Company has developed a “token” (or cryptocurrency) called “VAFFA Token” through which it is possible to take advantage of the advantages and new opportunities of the new digital economy, based on distributed ledgers (DLT).The General Conditions are an integral and substantial part of the Form through which ATS and the Customer conclude the purchase of “VAFFA Token”.

These General Conditions may undergo changes and / or updates at any time by ATS, which will, in any case, communicate them through the normal communication channels on its website.

By means of this document, which also refers to and includes the information questionnaire on the crypto-asset, the white-paper and any other attachment necessary for the purchase of “VAFFA”, the conditions under which the Company acts are established.


Art.2. Pre-contractual information.

The Customer declares to have thoroughly read and understood, before purchasing, all the documents included in the product proposal called “VAFFA Token”.

In particular, the Customer confirms that he has read, understood and accepted the conditions of this Agreement, the information questionnaire on crypto-activity, the white-paper and the privacy policy.


 Art.3. Object of the contract.

The object of this Agreement is the transfer to the Customer, who accepts and buys, “VAFFA Token” accepting any risk related to the returns or losses that may arise from this Crypto-asset.

Through the acquisition of “VAFFA”, the Customer is, in fact, aware of only acquiring tokens that are immobilized with a specific procedure on their Wallet.

It should be noted that “VAFFA” is connected to the EthereumBlockchain without this Blockchain being under the direct or indirect control of ATS.

By accepting these conditions, the Customer declares to have understood that, in the event that the tokens are distributed following an ATS promotion and, therefore, not acquired directly on an Exchange platform (ae PancakeSwap), those tokens will be bound for a period of 12 months, only at the end of which, the tokens can be freely exchanged on an Exchange platform (PancakeSwap).

The Customer, by accepting the general conditions of this contract, acknowledges that the “VAFFA Token” cannot be qualified as a financial product and its acquisition is in no way comparable to investment activities of a financial nature.

The overall issue of a limited number of “VAFFA Tokens” is expected, which is equal to 1,000,000,000,000 (one thousand billion) tokens.


Art.4. Conclusion of the contract.

Thiscontractisconsideredfinalizedwhen the usersubscribes to the VAFFA productoffer and proceeds to pay the relative share of the “VAFFA Token” productpurchased.

The Customerisawarethat once the purchase of “VAFFA” hasbeenconfirmed, ATS will be able to begin the procedure for transferring the Tokens to the Wallet.

The procedure for acquiring “VAFFA Tokens” isillustrated in the appropriate section of the website“VAFFA HELP” section).

The tokens can also be obtainedthrough the “Discord” platform for free, thanks to the exchangebetweenusers of the platformitself and the so-called. Periodic “Airdrops”.

The Customer, knowingly and expressly, acceptsthat, when the purchaseisconfirmed, he will no longer be able to reverse the operation, alsoexpresslyagreeingthatalltransfers are final.


Art.5. Liability and limits of liability.

ATS ensures the absoluteregularity of the “VAFFA Token” system.TheCustomeracknowledgesthat the operationsperformed and the operations made available by ATS involve the hypothesis of variousrisks, including the risk of interruptions, disturbances, suspensions, failures, malfunctions or non-functioning of the system, telephone or electronicsystemsat ATS or from third parties connected to the Company’ssystem.

ATS, in any case, isnotresponsible for the failure to executeorders due to inability to operate deriving from causesnotattributable to it or, in any case, to delays due to malfunctioning on the portals, failure or irregulartransmission of information or causes to the beyondits control, including, withoutlimitation, delays or drops in the computer systemthatpowers the Service or otherproblems due to interruptions, suspensions, failures, malfunctions or non-functioning of telephone or electronicsystems, or deriving from force majeure.

Furthermore, ATS doesnot assume anyresponsibility for lossesthatcould derive from the crypto-activitiescarried out, independently, by the Customer, notadmittinganyclaims for recourse.

ATS isalsonotresponsible for the harmfulconsequencesthatmayresult from the abusive or illicit use of the data line by unauthorizedthird parties.

ATS assumes no responsibility for the correctness, completeness and topicality of the data, especially data regarding the value, analysis on the crypto-assets and otherinformatioATSalsodoesnot assume anyresponsibility for anyfraudulent or illegal use thatmay be made by third parties, of the means of payment, for the payment of “VAFFA”, ifitprovesthatithasadoptedallpossibleprecautionsbased on the best science and experience of the moment and on the basis of ordinarydiligence.

Furthermore, the Customerisexclusivelyresponsible for the correctness of the information contained in hismembership.

The Customeralsoexpresslydeclaresthat the acquisition of “VAFFA Token” isnotaimedatcarrying out the laundering of illicitproceeds and terroristfinancing, expresslyexempting ATS from anyliability for criminalactivitiescarried out by them.

The Customer, by emphasizingthiscontract, declares to havereceived and readall the information regarding “VAFFA Token”, to be aware of the ownrisksderivingfrom crypto-assets, in particularthosederiving from possiblevariations in the valuations and negotiations of tokens or crypto-currencies.

By accepting the contract, the Customerdeclares to haveproceeded with the acquisition of VAFFA onlyafterhavingacquiredadequateknowledge of the product, itsoperation and the risksrelated to it.

The Customeracknowledges and acceptsthat ATS may derogate from the technicalproceduresprovided for in this Agreement, on the basis of itsjudgment and uponnoticeprovided on the Site.

The Customerisawarethat “VAFFA Token” isnot a financialproduct and itsacquisitionis in no way comparable to anyinvestmentactivities of a financial nature, therefore, the protections and guaranteesprovided for the lattercannot be applicable.


Art.6. Customerstatements on operations and risks.

The Customerdeclares to havereceived and read the information questionnaire on crypto-activity, the white-paper, to be informedabouthisrights under the legislation on privacy and to be aware of the risksrelated to crypto-activity. in particularthosederiving from possibleabruptchanges in performance.

The Customerundertakes to use the servicesreferred to in thiscontract with ordinarydiligence, acquiringpriorknowledge of theircharacteristics and methods of correct use, expresslydeclaringthat the acceptance of the servicesprovided by ATS represents a precise and free will, expresslyexpressingthat I havenotbeensubjected to any pressure or solicitation to requestitsexecution and expresslyindemnifying ATS for the information contained in the website and in the white-paper or regarding the data information relating to the trend and rules of the crypto-activity, which are not he understood from himself.

The Customerisawarethat the website and the white-papercontainonly general information and shouldnot be construedas a recommendation to participate in the purchase or use of “VAFFA Token”, sinceall the information containedtherein, with the exception of the historical and factual information representforward-lookingstatements.

ATS assumes no responsibility with respect to thesestatementsasthey are based on currentestimates and projections, which involve certainrisks and uncertaintiesthatcould cause actualresults to differmaterially from those of the forward-lookingstatements.

The Client acknowledges and expresslyacceptsthat the aforementionedrisks and uncertainties include issuesrelating to: rapidlyevolvingtechnology and evolvingstandards in the sectors in which the company operates; the ability to continue operations, profitably exploit new businesses, license and sign new agreements.

The Customeracknowledgesthatanychanges in the organization and regulation of the crypto-activitymaylead to operationallimitations on thiscontract.

The Customerdeclares and guaranteesthateverytransaction and obligation, deriving from thiscontract, remainsbinding and enforceableaccording to the conditionsexpressedthereinevenif, with respect to its status, he hassignedit in violation of the provisions of anylegislation, regulation, order, responsibility, code of professionalconduct or agreement by whichitisbound.

The Customeracknowledges and expresslyaccepts the commissions and expensesthatwill be charged to him, alsoacceptingthatanytax and / or contributionchargesthat are, also in the future, introducedaccording to operations, financial position and reporting referable to the crypto-assetcovered by the contract, will be charged to the same.


Art. 7. Amendments to the contract.

The Customeracknowledgesthatanymodification of the regulations in force regardingcrypto-assetsmayalsohave an effect on the provisions of thiscontract and that, if the sameis, in whole or in part, in conflict with the currentlegislation, the latteritwillhave superordinate value and willprevail over anyconflictingdisposition. ATS may, for justifiedreasons, unilaterallymakechanges to thiscontract. Thesechangeswill be communicated to the Customerelectronically, on the ATS website in the part accessible to the public and notreserved. The communicationwill be consideredreceivedalternatively:

  • when the Customerconnects to the ATS site by logging in regularly in the reserved area;
  • in any case, after 30 days from publication on the ATS website.

Within 30 days of receiving the communication, the Customerwillhave the right to withdraw from the Contract.


Art.8. Termination of the contract by law.

Allobligationspreviouslyassumed by the customer, aswellas the guarantee of successfulpayment made by the same, are essential and relevant, so that the customer’sfailure to comply with onlyone of themwillresult in the immediate termination of the contract by law.


Art.9. Consent to the processing of personal data.

ATS protects the privacy of itscustomers and guaranteesthat data processing complies with the provisions of the national and supranationallegislation on privacy aswellas the EuropeanRegulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

The user can exercise the rights under the privacy legislation by sending an email to

Art.10. Applicable law. Jurisdiction.

Thisagreementisgoverned by and construed in accordance with the law in whosejurisdiction the registered office of ATS islocated.

The parties thereforeexpresslyacceptthat for any dispute or claim (includingdisputes or non-contractualclaims) arising from or in connection with thiscontract or itssubjectmatter or formation, the judicial authority in whosejurisdictionisexclusivelycompetent. the registered office of ATS islocated, except, ifnecessary, in the hypothesisenvisaged by the legislation on Consumption.

Art.11. Finalclauses.

The parties declarethattheyhavereadthese general terms and conditions.

The obligations and commitmentsderiving from these general conditionswhich by their nature explaintheireffectivenessevenafter the expiration, termination or withdrawal from the contractwillremainvalid and effectiveevenafterthat date untiltheirsatisfaction.

Itisalsospecifiedthat the customerwhohasexpressed, in point and click mode, hisconsent to theseconditions, declares to havewellunderstood, acknowledges and expresslyapproves: the text contained in articles1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11;

theirobligations, anycharges and prejudices; declares to share the content of the aforementioned text asprepared by ATS and to acceptitunconditionally, so that he consciouslyaccepts and approvesitas a whole, together with the information questionnaire on the crypto-activity, the white-paper, the processing of personal data and the provisionsgoverning the procedures for registration, access, navigation and use of the ATS site.