VAFFA Token ”is a virtualtoken (or cryptocurrency or currency).

Itisnot a financialproduct and itsacquisitionis in no way comparable to investmentactivities of a financial nature.

“VAFFA Token” is a “cryptoasset”, whichis a decentralizedtype of currency (or digitalasset) thatisnotissued by anycentralbank or issuer. “VAFFA Token” isbuilt on a DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), thatis a technologybased on a registerdistributedamongall the participants in the “VAFFA Token” network.

Disintermediationallowsyou to benefit from the advantagesoffered by the new DLT / Blockchaintechnologies, based on the real-time exchange of data betweenall the participants in the DLT network.

Thesedigitaltokens use technologicalcryptographytechniques to produce units of the currency or asset and verify the transfer of unitsbetween the owners of the cryptoassetitself.

Theseassetsalsopresent, in addition to potentially large profit margins, risks of capital loss, wethereforeinviteyounot to subscribe to the offerifyouhavenotthoroughlyread and understoodall the clauses and implications of the “trading” of currencies. decentralized, in general and in particular of the “VAFFA Token” regulation.

The “VAFFA Token” isnotanchored to anyreal or cryptoasset / currency.

Its market valueisgivensolely by the volume of “trading” (exchanges) on the Exchange platforms (the Exchange usedisPancakeSwap).

Therefore, itsvalue, likethat of othercryptoassets, isconstantlychanging and can be subject to fluctuations, positive and negative, evenvery large in very short time spans.

For thisreason, the pastresults on the financial performance of the currency are not to be takenas a reference in determining the future performance of the currency.

“VAFFA Token” isgenerateddirectly by ATS, withoutintermediaries.

ATS guarantees the overalllegality of the “VAFFA Token” system.

Given the particularcharacteristics of the decentralizedfinancesystem, the value of the “VAFFA Token” willdependsolely on the volume of exchanges made on the PancakeSwap Exchange platform, withoutanyexternal control.

The Consumer can obtain more information by consulting the general conditions of “VAFFA Token” reportedat the link: https://www.vaffatoken.com/general-terms/, or by sending an email to: info@vaffatoken.com