We are a group of absolutely
NORMAL people.

And therefore with all the
great flaws that every person has
and tends to ignore or hide.


We don’t hide them or obviosly
boast about them.

We just ignore themJ Yes, because
we are all made in the same way,
if you think about it.

Then there is someone or
someone with two better eyes,
a little less belly, two
oversized boobs.
And someone else with a
little more gray matter,
not to mention the
unrecognized athletes,
the missed Profs or a
thousand other types,
with their extraplus and


But who cares, let’s just laugh about it,
at least this is free for all!

And what could be more invigorating
than a good laugh?

We costantly stimulate it by sending
VAFFA to everyone and everything.

But without picking on each
other or sowing seeds of discord:
there’s too much of it around and we don’t like
those who futher degrade the world.


Guys, we want to enjoy life,
not wastle it insulting each other.

That’s why we send you to VAFFA!

Yes, precisely because we love you,
not the other way around.

And you, as soon as you understand,
will ask us for more!

And when we have something to say,
we will do it all together, as long
as no one breaks us with
political stories of any kind:

we are here for us,
not to do anything else.

And if we also earn money we are
even happier, VAFFA misery!!!